Student Affiliate Program

Make more money than you paid us!

Once you have bought one of our courses you are eligible to join our Student Affiliate Program. This is how our program works.

If you introduce someone to our website and they buy one of our courses then you will receive 20% of the price they paid. So, if they buy our “Master” course at £199 you get £39.80.

Which means that if you’ve already purchased our “Master” course and 5 people you refer also buy it too, then you make your £199 back. Yay!

It gets better!

It doesn’t stop there. You will receive 20% of any purchase they make on any of our other courses in the future too, not just their first purchase.

So, down the line you could find yourself making more money than you have spent on courses! It’s a win win!

Become an affiliate

Once you become an affiliate you will get a personal affiliate link and you will also have access to view sign ups and the commission you have earned.

If this sounds good to you just send us an email including the email address you used to sign up to our courses and we’ll get your student account upgraded to an affiliate one.