Success with WordPressFrom Setup to Getting that Perfect Theme

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Whether you are a WordPress newbie or a WordPress website owner, we get you in control of your WordPress website. We take you through getting setup and help you to work out what your business needs from your WordPress website.

This isn’t just another WordPress course. This course is focused around you and your business and what you need for your WordPress website. We take you through a process which will help you define you or your brand, work out your website layout and structure and bring you true success from your WordPress website. A process that would cost you thousands if you employed a traditional web agency or consultancy.

If that wasn’t enough we take you through everything you need to know about WordPress from what it is to setting up a domain name and hosting and all the way through to explaining every part of the WordPress admin and back-end.

Plus there is even more… We’ve spent years building themes and plugins in our web agency along with running a commercial WordPress theme business. With our help we can shortcut so much of the time you would have spent searching through endless search results. We give you the low down not only on the top marketplaces to buy WordPress themes and plugins but also some of the best independent theme and plugin shops too.

Finally, this course also comes packed with amazing downloads that will help you shape your online business now and in the future.

Course Curriculum

Here is what we cover throughout the course.

Unit 1


  • An Introduction to WordPress (Video) FREE
  • Glossary of Terms (Download) FREE
  • Unit 1 Quiz

Unit 2


  • Getting set up (Video)
  • Unit 2 Quiz

Unit 3


  • Introduction, Logging In to WordPress and The WordPress Dashboard (Video) FREE
  • Updates (Video)
  • Posts (Video)
  • Adding a New Post and the WordPress Post Content Editor screen (Video)
  • Categories and Tags (Video)
  • Media Library (Video)
  • Adding a New Page and the WordPress Page Content Editor screen (Video)
  • Comments and Comments Moderation (Video)
  • Appearance and the WordPress Customizer (Video)
  • Widgets (Video)
  • Menus, Header and Editor (Video)
  • Installing and Activating Plugins (Video)
  • Adding and Editing Users (Video) FREE
  • WordPress Tools (Video)
  • WordPress Settings (Video)
  • Unit 3 Quiz

Unit 4


  • Introduction (Video) FREE
  • Unit 4 Downloads (Downloads)
  • What does your business need from a WordPress website (Video)
  • Themes (Video)
  • WordPress Theme Marketplaces (Video)
  • Independent WordPress Theme Shops (Video)
  • WordPress Plugin Marketplaces and Independent Plugin Shops (Video)
  • Page Builder Plugins (Video)
  • An Overview of Website Testing and Speed (Video)
  • Summary of this Unit (Video)
  • Unit 4 Quiz

Course Summary


  • Everything you have learnt from this course (Video)
  • Success With WordPress Course Evaluation

What are the downloads?

All of our downloads come in PDF format. You will be able to save them on your computer or device or even print them out if you want to. Some of them are there as a quick reference guide where you will find all of the links to all of the websites and plugins we mention during this course. This means that you can concentrate on watching the videos rather than writing everything down! The Project Starter Cheat Sheet is a really useful tool for you to use alongside the first video in Unit 4.

Here are the titles of the downloads provided in this course.

  1. The Project Starter Cheat Sheet
  2. The Where to Buy Cheat Sheet
  3. The Buying a WordPress Theme Checklist
  4. The Webpage Speed Guide
  5. The Website Testing Checklist
  6. The Recommended Plugins Cheat Sheet
  7. Glossary of Terms FREE

Bonus Facebook Group access for 3 months

For the one-off course price you’ll also get 3 months access to our “Inside Success with WordPress” Private Facebook Group which is just for our students, where you’ll be able to ask us any questions related to the courses, get advice about WordPress and help with WordPress issues.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here are some of the things our students have said about our courses…

I’ve been using WordPress for years and I thought I knew it all, turns out I don’t, but I do now!

I loved that you added in the business questions.  There is more to using WordPress than just knowing how to use the system.  You need to know what your business needs before you can make wise choices from all the options available.

It’s great that I won’t have to go back to the videos to find URLs for Theme Marketplaces and such, because you have provided them all. Bonus points for that!

This is the first online course I have found that actually had practical business advice and wasn’t just a walkthrough of WordPress features, very impressed!

This is brilliant. There were a few times that I wondered what something meant—sticky, RSS, ping—and each time the answer was in the glossary.

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