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Success with WordPress


Success with WordPress: From Setup to Getting that Perfect Theme

This isn’t just another WordPress course. This course is focused around you and your business and what you need for your WordPress website.

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Free Course

Success with WordPress: Going Bespoke? Make sure that’s what you get

We have put together this completely free mini-course to make sure that if you are paying bespoke prices, you are getting a bespoke theme.

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Success with WordPress: How to Enhance Your WordPress Website

This course is all about enhancing your WordPress website’s functionality using tried and tested plugins that we recommend along with an overview of two major ecommerce plugins.

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Success with WordPress: Maintenance, Updates and Security

This course covers everything you should do to keep your WordPress website up to date, secure and free from hackers. We take you through the most popular WordPress plugins to do this along with some other quick and easy techniques.

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Success with WordPress: How to Make Your Website Super Fast

In the last course in the series you hear about how important it is that your website loads quickly, this course will help you do that.

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Success with WordPress: The Master Course

This includes all of the courses in the Success with WordPress series plus some little extras and it is brilliant value.